Board of Directors

The HCHSA Board is the vehicle by which the rules are made; the dues are collected, accounted for, and redistributed; the points are tabulated; the trophies are prepared; the banquets are organized; the scholarship is governed; and complaints are handled. At the end of each season, there is an open board meeting at which time all members are invited. At this time, they can share their ideas, complaints and praises.

Please click here to download a printable copy of the 2019 board contact list.

2019 Board of Directors

Miki Carroll
Vice President
Evan Crierie
Lou Bowling Steinfort
Joan Canterbury


Horse Show Chairman
Kim Williams
Horse Show Co-Chairman
Shelly Buhlman
Horse Show Schedule Coordination Chairman
Shelly Buhlman
Horse Show Schedule Coordination Co-Chairman
Kirsten Farley
Membership & Points Chairman
Nicole Burger
Membership & Points Co-Chairman
Colleen Reilly
Web Communications Chairman
Emily Treuth
Web Communications Co-Chairmen
Kat Urban
Kirsten Farley
Horse Show Software Chairman
Loretta Dospil-Farley
Horse Show Software Co-Chairman
Medal Finals Chairman
Jamey Prettyman
Medal Finals Co-Chairman
Emily Burke
Joan Canterbury
Bird Mobberley
Awards Chairman
Vicki Beale
Awards Co-Chairman
Emily Burke
JoAnn Robertson
Banquet Chairman
Shelly Buhlman
Banquet Co-Chairman
Kirsten Farley
Junior Board Chairman
Catherine Densmore
Junior Board Co-Chairman
Debbie Dietrich
Kara Listrani